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Criminal defense attorney in Oxford, MS

Have you been arrested in Oxford? The next steps could cause you trouble if not handled correctly. Make sure you’re equipped with the right lawyer so you can defend yourself when the time comes. Get help from Harper Little, PLLC today and you’ll be prepared to take on the legal process.

With our attorney’s legal know-how, you’ll rest a little easier knowing you have the best person beside you for your case.

For criminal cases, detail is key

For criminal cases, detail is key

Harper Little, PLLC, provides criminal defense for those with both misdemeanor and felony charges. If this is your first bout with the legal system, trust our attorney to guide you through the process. Choosing Harper Little means you’re choosing a legal specialist that will:

• Explain the legal process to you in clear terms
• Guide you through the case step by step
• Take the time to listen to your story
• Ask you questions and create a solid defense plan

Trust Harper Little, PLLC to work with you one-on-one to develop the best strategy for your case. Let’s work to get the best resolution possible for your situation. Reach out to Harper Little, PLLC right now to start with our defense attorney.