Charged With a DUI in Oxford, Mississippi?

Charged With a DUI in Oxford, Mississippi?

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It might not seem like a big deal to get behind the wheel when you’ve had a few, but the reality quickly becomes clear when you’re being put in handcuffs for endangering the lives of others. If you’ve got a looming court date for driving under the influence, contact a DUI attorney immediately. Harper Little, PLLC knows the ins and outs of Mississippi’s DUI laws and will do everything possible to minimize the consequences of your actions. We’ll examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and make sure all proper procedures were followed when you were charged.
Our attorneys will keep your best interests in mind as we compile evidence that can be used to protect your rights during the legal process. Give yourself the best possible chance at avoiding harsh penalties by contacting Harper Little, PLLC.

Trust Harper Little, PLLC to defend you in court

Being convicted of a DUI charge in Oxford, Mississippi can come with some harsh penalties. Harper Little, PLLC will work hard to keep you from:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Hefty fines
  • License suspension

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